3 X Killer Walk The Frog Floating Rattling Highly Realistic Surface Fishing Lures 13g 5cm

3 X Killer Walk The Frog Floating Rattling Highly Realistic Surface Fishing Lures 13g 5cm


Extra Vale set – Latest Edition to the Killer Frog Family. Highly realistic frog bait topwater fish catcher. Long casting, Rattling and Floating from Bait fishing lure. Brand New Long casting “Walk The Frog” By Killer Frog Lures. This is a highly realistic rattling and floating surface fishing lure which is designed to be used as a skipping frog bait with a walk the dog style retrieve. Use for any freshwater fish which hunt on topwater like Bass, Pike, Musky, Snakehead, Barramundi, Peacock bass.

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Killer Frogs topwater fishing lures.

1 x GREEN STRIPE Killer Walk The Frog 13g 5cm.
1 x FIRE FROG Killer Walk The Frog 13g 5cm.
1 x BROWN STRIPE Killer Walk The Frog 13g 5cm.

The Walk the frog surface bait is a floating and rattling highly realistic frog imitation. The hand-painted details are amazing and make the frogs almost too good to cast. But the balanced weight and aerodynamic shape of the lures design makes casting easy and much fun. Killer Walk the Frogs can be fished in and around weeds in safety due to the specially designed weed guard which protects the VMC super sharp stainless double hook in almost all situations. Retrieve the frog with a jerking “Walk the Frog” action to create popping, chugging and splashing which will instantly attract attention from any predator fish in the local area. Add the Stainless steel buzzblade and its like a dinner bell for species such as bass, snakehead, barramundi, pike and muskies. These types of fish can not resist the “clack clack clacking” of the buzz blade as it churns the waters surface. Tie one on cast out and hold on tight to your rod! We recommend using a 30-40lb mono shock leader with 20-30lb braid or a high strength safety clip tied directly to 30lb quality braided line. Strikes can be violent and aggressive fish especially can take the whole frog easily in 1 mouth. Walk the Frog is so easy to cast you will soon find yourself hitting tighter and tighter spots around snags, weeds and trees – just the kind of places which the biggies hold up. In these circumstances you will be thankful for that strong leader and main line if your frog eventually gets stuck off a wayward cast.

Recommended fishing actions:
– Steady retrieve
– Steady retrieve with pause
– Steady retrieve with jerk / pop
– Twitch with pause
– Fast retrieve with twitch

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