Killer Frog XL Highly realistic 17.5g 6.5cm floating rattling topwater fishing lure #5

The Killer Frog has gone super sized with loud rattle and perfect floating presentation.


XL Killer Frog Original. Each lure is individually hand painted, comes with double hooks, weed guard, rubber skirt tails and Buzzer blade attachment.

Great to use as a buzz bait over weedbeds or tree trunks for exciting topwater takes from lurking lunkers or fish as a frog bait over lily pads and drop in ready for explosions from the water surface.

Recommended fishing actions:
– Steady retrieve
– Steady retrieve with pause
– Steady retrieve with jerk / pop
– Twitch with pause
– Fast retrieve with twitch

Additional information

Weight 0.0175 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 3.5 × 2 cm