Rapala Rattlin Fat Rap RFR-5-SB Silver Blue Ireland

Rapala Rattlin Fat Rap RFR-5-SB Silver Blue Ireland


More world record fish have been caught with Rapala lures than any other in the world. Any other! That includes a world-record on every continent in the world except Antarctica. Rapala holds the world record for world records.

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Rapala Clackin Rap 24g 8cm comes with Two No. 6 VMC hooks.The lipless Clackin’ Rap creates a distinctive sound and vibration profile that allows fish to zero in. The uniquely designed sound chamber features a single steel ball and external metal discs that transmit a distinctive clackin’ sound with maximum vibration. The translucent textured body with internal holographic foil creates an extremely seductive flash. Simply cast, allow to sink to desired depth then steadily retrieve. The clackin Rap comes in all these famous Rapala colour patterns BNC-Bone Chartreuse; CLN-Clown ; COP-Copperhead; FT-Firetiger ; G-Gold ; GGH-Glass Ghost ; GO-Gold Olive; HS-Hot Steel; MBS-Moss Black Shiner; OG-Olive Green ; PD-Purpledescent ; PG-Purple Gold ; RCW-Red Crawdad ; RUCW-Rusty Crawdad; S-Silver; SB-Silver Blue ; YP-Yellow Perch.

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